Say hello to my furry friends

My mom has an amazing heart. Sometimes I wonder if we’re really related because she’s so nice and patient and understanding of others. I personally like to keep to myself. It’s less drama that way. My mom is the best veterinary and most dedicate dog lover in town and is really good at helping sick and wounded animals. She gets a lot of work but that’s because she’s the only vet in town. We’re a pretty small town. It’s impossible to go somewhere without running into somebody you know. It kind of sucks because I can get busted, doing whatever i’m not supposed to be doing, a lot easier.

So my mom has also just started this project called a dog sanctuary. She’s been working on purchasing land thanks to some nice donations from friends. It’s going to be a place where abandoned, abused, homeless and misunderstood dogs can go. It’s more to help the neighboring cities or anywhere in the U.S. because we don’t really have a problem with a dog overpopulation here. I’ll blog more about the project later and give a shout out to my mom. Anyway, here are some of my fur friends, and some of my mom’s clients.

Mom's Clients





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