Watching the world go by

Me and Haylee

My dog loves to stare out the front window. I have no idea what he’s watching but something attracts him enough to sit and look out the window for long periods of time. Day time or night time, he doesn’t favor one over the other.

Sometimes I will crawl up next to him and stare out the window too. I want to see what fascinates him, what pulls him into the hypnotized state he is in when he stares out into the world.

A lot of times there is nothing going on. No cars driving by, no creatures stirring. He continues to wait and watch.

There are times when someone is walking down the street out in front of our house carrying a bag of groceries, walking their dog, or pushing their newborn baby in a stroller. These are exciting moments when you’re supposed to bark and carry on frantically trying to get their attention or perhaps warn them not to come any closer. I sometimes bark with him too.

I often wonder what it’s like to be a dog. I wonder what entertains and challenges them. I wonder if they can feel my love.

My dog is my best friend. I try every day to communicate that with him. There are moments when I think he understands.


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