Banana River Outing

We went on an all-natural water tour where you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with dolphins and manatees. Although you aren’t guaranteed to see or touch these beautiful creatures, it’s pretty cool to be so close to them in their natural environment. No cages or captivity. If the weather is right, and the water temperature is too, these animals are so friendly. Our guide says that manatees are like the dogs of the ocean and the dolphins are more like cats. The manatees will swim right up to humans and roll over to have their bellies rubbed. Dolphins are a little more reserved but are very playful and mischievous once they warm up to you.

Respect the animals, respect the earth. We can live in harmony with one another.

DSCN0025 DSCN0014 DSCN0010 DSCN0026 DSCN0022 DSCN0034


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