About Me (The Black Sheep)

I’m what would be considered your typical teenager. About to turn 16 and take a big step into adulthood. My main worries in life are getting through the school day without finding trouble, finding time to beat the next round in Resident Evil, improving my photography skills, and not forever being compared to my older brother Eric whose perfect grades, perfect football/baseball playing skills, charming and polite mannerisms and kissing ass abilities make him the favorite of everybody. I’m about a C average student, don’t play any sports, don’t have many friends that aren’t dogs, don’t believe in being fake, enjoy spending time by myself writing in my journals, and can’t stand wearing makeup or dresses. Sometimes I feel like i’m invisible but i’m okay with that for now. I enjoy helping my mom out at her animal clinic and dog sanctuary and going on ride alongs with my dad in his patrol car. Everyone in my family may be different but we all share one common thing. We love the hell out of each other.


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