The Truth Revealed: Who is behind the Diaries of a Black Sheep?

Diaries of a Black Sheep is Sara’s blog. Sara Simms is a fictional character from a book I’ve written. She is a sixteen year old girl living in a small beach town on the coast of Florida. I thought she should have her own blog so that her character might grow and develop even more than in the book. This platform allows me to let Sara run free, talk as she would talk, write as she would write, and of course tell you more of her story on a day to day basis. The idea was to use Sara’s blog as a way to get to know her and learn who she really is outside of the book. This also gives me the opportunity to share things about Sara that you wouldn’t be able to read about in the book.

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and you bonded with the characters so much it left you thinking about them days later? Wondering what they would be doing now? Or what adventure they would embark on next? Or what their take is on the way the world is currently evolving?

Exactly what do these characters do in-between books or during the time that was not detailed in the story?

Well you’re about to find out, right along with me. I hope you enjoy Sara’s company as much as I do. From here on out, I’m giving her full reign over this blog. This blog will show you what life is like through the eyes of a very special, very unique, yet very relatable 16 year old teenager.

– W.L. Norton


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